Frequently Asked Questions


We offer a wide range of supplements so sometimes it can be confusing finding which product is exactly right for you, we strive to answer any questions you may have with our range of products or our brand, if you have any other questions which haven’t been covered here then please get in touch with us on our contact page and we will aim to answer you within 24 hours.

This section aims to cover the questions we are asked most frequently with the aim to increase your understanding of the unique processes we use to manufacture our Biovit products as well as how you can feel the full benefits of each supplement




If your health goals are to detox your body, lose weight, boost your energy levels, lower your cholesterol, manage stress or achieve better sleep, Biovit's supplements can help with these and other objectives you may have. These supplements help to enhance the effects of lifestyle changes you have already made.

Yes, all of our supplements are based on ingredients that occur naturally. Therefore if you are looking to take a more natural approach to weight loss and your health needs, you can be sure that all of our supplements will help you to meet your goals without the need to use medications or artificial products.

The ingredients used in our supplements are all proven safe, so you can confidently take our supplements knowing that doing so will not place you at risk. However, if you have any health problems or take medication, we recommend that you discuss taking supplements with your doctor first.

All of our supplements are backed by scientific evidence, with research studies showing that the active ingredients are indeed effective. As we are GMP certified, this provides assurance that we provide our customers with high quality supplements that deliver on the benefits they promise to offer.

To achieve best results it is important that you take our supplements exactly as directed by the accompanying instructions. However, taking our products alongside a healthy lifestyle will help to maximise the benefits you can achieve, as supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet or exercise.

This will depend on which supplement you are taking, though it is important to remember that due to individual variation the time to take effect can differ from one person to another. Taking the correct dose at the correct time will help you to achieve results more promptly.

While you may want to use our supplements for as long as it takes to meet your health aims, continued use can help maintain these changes. However, if you do notice any symptoms that may be connected to the supplement, you should stop taking it and seek medical advice.

All of our supplements are available through our website. It is easy to make a purchase and with secure payment you do not have to worry about buying supplements online. With delivery to your door it couldn't be simpler to access quality nutritional supplements.

Once you have placed an order through Biovit your supplements are dispatched the same day. We offer free shipping to all of our customers and make sure that our supplements are discretely packaged, so even if you do not take receipt of delivery in person, no one will know what you have ordered.