The Ultimate Flat Tummy Diet

Diet & Slimming    May 8, 2015    0

There are plenty of expensive diets and workout plans on the market that promise to help you sculpt your mid-section or to reveal your sick pack abs. You don’t need to spend big in order to have a flat stomach though – if you follow the few simple rules of this flat tummy diet and make an effort to increase your daily activity level you can carve out that six pack without a kit or program. Read more…

5 Awesome Cheap & Healthy Recipes

Food & Lifestyle    April 29, 2015    0

If you aren’t overly familiar with cooking or have spent the last several years relying on restaurants and take out, making the switch to cooking for yourself can seem daunting. And if you don’t know what you are looking for, a trip to the supermarket can be lengthy and expensive (and that doesn’t even take prep and cooking time into account).

If you want to work toward weight loss and better health overall, without spending a fortune on food, here are five cheap and healthy recipes that you should add to your repertoire immediately.

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Our 6 Best Diets for Women

Diet & Slimming    April 22, 2015    0

Dieting can be a real drag – especially if you aren’t following a plan that you can enjoy or that makes you feel like you are starving or depriving yourself. The diet plan that often works the best is one that is based on nutritious and wholesome foods and that you’ll actually be able to stick to over the long term. Taking those factors into account (and trying to avoid fad diets that only seem to work in the very short term, if at all) we put together this list of the best diets for women. Read more…

HowTo: Lose Weight Quickly

Diet & Slimming    April 17, 2015    0

Fad diets generally don’t work (or they don’t work well), but there are safe and effective methods of melting away excess pounds quickly. With the proper plan you can drop dress or pants sizes in a short period of time without starving yourself or without feeling deprived at all.

If the biggest question on your mind when you look in the mirror is “how can I lose weight quickly,” simply adopt some (or all) of the simple behaviors below. You’ll begin to look and feel better and you’ll have more energy while the other dieters are busy struggling with cravings and feeling miserable. Read more…

Feast, fast and reduce risks

Diet & Slimming    April 9, 2015    0

An irregular eating cycle worked for ancient humans. Small studies show benefits of such calorie restriction.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors spent hours each day searching for food that was only intermittently available. They’d fast, and then they’d feast. These ancient humans developed a “thrifty” genotype that helped them adapt to these cycles of want and plenty.

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Shred Back Fat with 3 Simple Exercises

Fitness & Exercise    April 9, 2015    0

A soft and flabby back has a seriously negative impact on how you look in clothes, but it can absolutely ruin how you look without them. If you want to look good in a tank top or bathing suit or if you have hopes of turning heads on the beach this summer, it is an absolute must to get rid of that excess back fat. Read more…

Biovit 6 Week Diet Plan

Diet & Slimming    April 8, 2015    0

Traditional dieting can be very frustrating for those that want to see results from their efforts and sacrifices. If you are carrying a lot of extra weight around the waist, hips and thighs you want to see and feel changes to help keep motivation high – to be able to physically see that what you are doing is making a difference.

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6 Awesome Resistance Band Exercises

Fitness & Exercise    April 1, 2015    1

Most people are under the impression that a good resistance workout requires a full set of Olympic weights. While heavy iron is a great way to build muscle, it isn’t the only way – in fact resistance bands can deliver a seriously intense muscle building workout without the same space requirements as a full weight set or the need for a spotter. Read more…

5 Killer Cardio Exercises at Home

Fitness & Exercise    March 30, 2015    0

It could be part of your New Year’s resolution, it could be about getting ready to show off a tighter, leaner body while vacationing this summer or it could be just about getting healthier. It doesn’t really matter what the specific reason is – burning calories, melting fat and losing weight are often the focal point for those that get up every morning to hit the gym. Read more…

Barefoot Running: Can Barefoot Running Improve Performance?

Fitness & Exercise    March 26, 2015    0

The appealing thought of running as nature intended is a hot topic in the running community these days. Articles, blogs and websites about barefoot running are published every day, and the possibility that we have been misled by a calculating shoe industry to believe that dual density mid-soles, plastic bridges, gels and air bags were the truthful answer to our prayers of injury-free running are an intriguing story to many. Read more…