Complete Yacon Root

The yacon is a plant native to South America, which is traditionally grown for its sweet tuberous roots that are a rich source of soluble fiber. Yacon isn’t just a pleasant addition to the diet though, as the nutritional properties of its root are known to enhance overall well-being, so there is much interest in using yacon root as part of a detox. There is also evidence that yacon root supplements can aid weight loss, offering a natural alternative to diet pills. If you are looking to kick start a whole body cleanse or a diet for weight loss, a yacon root supplement is an ideal starting point to enhance the other changes you make to your diet and lifestyle.

Complete Yacon Root for Complete Body Cleanse

The accumulation of toxins in your body not only takes its toll on how you feel, but can also contribute to numerous health problems. Taking part in a periodic whole body cleanse can help to rid your body of these unwanted substances and a supplement of yacon root is the perfect way to detoxify your body. Yacon root helps your body to break down and eliminate toxins, which otherwise accumulate in your tissues. As yacon root is rich in soluble fibre, this promotes healthy digestive transit, allowing yacon root supplements to speed the removal of toxins from your body, which enables your other organs to work more effectively. A complete body detox also prepares your body well for weight loss, particularly as yacon root has properties that enhance your weight loss efforts.

Complete Yacon Root to Suppress Appetite

If you do not feel in control of your appetite, this can stand in the way of successful weight loss. A yacon root supplement can, however, help you regain control over what you eat, making it easier to choose nutritious foods and regulate your portion sizes. The positive impact yacon root has on weight loss is thought to stem from its soluble fibre content, as it is well-known that this type of fibre can enhance feelings of fullness, so you are less likely to overeat at meals or snack in between. There is certainly evidence for its benefits, with a study from 2009 showing that overweight women who supplemented their diet with yacon root were able to lose 33lb on average over a four month period.

Complete Yacon Root to Increase Metabolism

Another benefit of yacon root supplements for weight loss is their ability to naturally boost your metabolism. Clearing your body of toxins is known to have a favourable effect on your body’s ability to use energy, so less is stored as fat, and your body is also better able to use your fat reserves as a source of energy. Even if you do not have a clinically diagnosed problem with your metabolism, adding yacon root to your daily routine may help to promote fat burning and achieve the weight loss you are looking for.