Biovit 6 Week Diet Plan

Diet & Slimming    April 8, 2015    0

Traditional dieting can be very frustrating for those that want to see results from their efforts and sacrifices. If you are carrying a lot of extra weight around the waist, hips and thighs you want to see and feel changes to help keep motivation high – to be able to physically see that what you are doing is making a difference.

In order to produce faster results, or to see some improvement quickly, it helps to have as many weapons in your fat burning arsenal as possible. You do have to be careful about what supplements and diet aids you choose though – as not all supplements are safe and few actually deliver the results that are promised on the packaging.

And even with the right supplemental support it is important to note that you won’t completely transform over night. Even the best diet and health supplements are only a portion of the complete puzzle for melting away excess body fat during your six week diet plan.


Make Smart Foods Decisions

Losing a noticeable amount of extra body fat quickly requires careful attention to what you are putting into your diet. If you want to see serious results from your six week diet plan you need to completely ditch all empty calorie foods and beverages in favor of smarter and more natural alternatives.

Replace your favorite sodas and soft drinks (even the diet varieties) with water. If you absolutely can’t make it through your day without some exposure to flavored beverages or without your morning or mid-day “pick me up,” opt for unsweetened green tea or black coffee. If you are a soda drinker, this simple switch will create an immediate and major caloric deficit that will help kick start your weight loss.

The same choices go for the evening and night as well. Leave the beer in the refrigerator and opt for a smarter, low or no calorie option that will actually work to keep your system hydrated.

When it comes to the food you’ll consume during your six week diet, always opt for whole and natural over pre-packaged. Focus on fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains in sensible portions and steer clear of pies, cakes, cookies and chips. Keep healthy options at your desk to help get you through mid-day cravings. A handful of low salt mixed nuts, a piece of fresh fruit or a serving of low fat Greek yogurt are all loaded with essential nutrients and will keep you satisfied until the next meal rolls around.


Make It a Point to Exercise

It is possible to melt away fat and get lean with diet alone, but you can really kick start the process by adding regular exercise into the mix. If your primary goal is to just get rid of excess body fat, focus on high intensity exercises that burn a lot of calories (like jumping rope). If you are pressed for time you can perform your workouts in the form of high intensity intervals (alternating bouts of maximal effort and medium effort), which can get you in and out of the gym quickly while still producing results.

Do whatever you need to do to stick with your workouts. Experiment with different times of day, use different movements and structures or find a partner – just do it.

Smart Supplementing

You can maximize the results of your six week diet plan by adding the right combination of quality supplements. When choosing the right diet aid to add to your quick weight loss plan, you want to base your decision on the same factors you use for choosing your food. Look for supplements that are all natural and produced in facilities that guarantee good manufacturing practices like Biovit so you can feel confident in the product in terms of safety and results.

You don’t need magic to get lean fast, you just need the right six week diet plan to fire up your metabolism and produce a caloric deficit. Following the few simple steps above without “cheating” or deviating will lay the groundwork for powerful, positive results in as little as six weeks.