HowTo: Lose Weight On Your Stomach in 30 Days

Diet & Slimming    March 24, 2015    0

A slimmer, leaner mid section is a great way to turn heads on the beach or by the pool, but many people struggle with eliminating the excess weight that gets carried around this area of the body. This midsection seems like the first place that fat congregates, and the last place it leaves making it difficult to look as good as you possibly can when there is additional skin exposed during warmer weather.

There isn’t a single step or overly simple approach to burning excess belly fat – in fact there are a number of key elements that go into carving out those six pack abs. If you want to know how to lose weight on your stomach, pay close attention to the list of tips and tricks below.

Ditch the Sugar

If you want a leaner and more attractive stomach, sugar is the enemy. Get rid of the sodas, soft drinks and other high sugar, empty calorie beverages that are killing your diet. These drinks don’t really quench your thirst and they don’t do much to keep you hydrated – in fact, beyond the taste, they don’t do anything for you at all. Eliminating these drinks from your diet and adding more water is a great start toward getting rid of that belly fat.


Use Your Head When Snacking

There is an old saying that the six pack is built in the kitchen – and for the most part, it is true. When you are trying to melt away belly fat you want to avoid the cookies, candies, cakes and other processed foods that you use to get through mid day cravings. If you need to snack to get from one meal to the next make smart snacking choices. Instead of reaching for the pretzels, chips or candy bars consider chomping on a handful of almonds, eating a cup of low fat cottage cheese with pineapple or having a serving of low fat Greek yogurt with granola to quell cravings.

Get More Exercise

If you want to melt away excess belly fat quickly you’ve got to get moving more. Mix in some high intensity cardio sessions on the indoor cycle or with the jump rope (two to three per week) and some full body resistance training (two to three sessions per week) for the best results. Some folks believe that cardio is the only way to burn calories, but in reality resistance training is an outstanding way to get lean. Combining the two types of training with consistency will help burn the most calories and get you that much closer to your goal of a leaner mid section.


Get Sound Sleep

One of the most often overlooked aspects of building a better body occurs when you aren’t moving at all. Sleep helps you recover from physical and mental stress that builds up throughout the day, helps your muscles recover and grow and helps reset your metabolism. Getting a full, deep 7-8 hours of sleep is essential if you want your mind and body firing on all cylinders, which is key to keeping up the high level of activity and focus you need to burn away the excess weight on your stomach.

There are no silver bullets or magic potions out there that will help you reveal those illusive abdominal muscles. If you are willing to put in the effort and combine all of the methods described above with consistency over the course of a thirty day period you’ll begin to see the extra fat around your mid section begin to melt away to make that six pack stand out.