Our 6 Best Diets for Women

Diet & Slimming    April 22, 2015    0

Dieting can be a real drag – especially if you aren’t following a plan that you can enjoy or that makes you feel like you are starving or depriving yourself. The diet plan that often works the best is one that is based on nutritious and wholesome foods and that you’ll actually be able to stick to over the long term. Taking those factors into account (and trying to avoid fad diets that only seem to work in the very short term, if at all) we put together this list of the best diets for women.



The vegetarian diet is one of the more restrictive on our list, but it is very effective for long term weight loss. Becoming a vegetarian is much more of a lifestyle change than a short term diet, but the focus is on low calorie, high fiber and high nutrient foods – which can make a big difference for those trying to shed pounds.

Some will say that they couldn’t possibly give up meat, but with all of the meat substitutes currently on the market the transition is actually much easier than you would assume. If you can make the commitment to give up the burgers, cheese steaks and hoagies in favor of veggies and meatless alternatives you will be consuming less saturated fat (and less fat overall) and fewer calories without feeling hungry all of the time – which is an ideal scenario for taking of weight and keeping it off.



If the vegetarian diet seems too limited to you, or you just can’t seem to wrap your head around not getting a delicious filet on occasion – the flexitarian diet could be the perfect fit. The term flexitarian is a combination of flexible and vegetarian – meaning that you follow the sound principles of focusing on high fibre, nutrient rich fruits and veggies, but are allowed the occasional transgression of digging into your favourite meat or fish dish.

The flexitarian diet features many of the outstanding health benefits of the vegetarian diet, without the supreme sacrifice. You consume less fat and cholesterol, you will lose weight and you will likely have an easier time keeping it off in the long term.



The Mediterranean diet features loads of high fiber, nutrient rich foods that are touted for cardiovascular and brain health and reducing cholesterol. Many proponents also advocate this style of eating for reducing the possibility of diabetes.

When structured properly, the Mediterranean diet is also an outstanding option for weight loss. If you focus on the vegetables, whole grains and leaner protein sources (like fish), you should have no trouble shedding pounds and keeping them off.



DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – and diets that reduce the risks associated with heart problems are often very good for dropping excess weight. This diet focuses on loading up on high fiber fruits and veggies and ditching empty calorie foods, high fat foods and foods that are high in sodium. If you stick to the DASH protocol you will likely begin to drop weight fairly quickly and have little problem maintaining that weight loss.

Raw Food Diet


The premise of the raw diet is to keep foods nutrient rich by avoiding the damage associated with cooking. While it is possible to consume some animal products on the Raw Diet (raw milk, cheese from raw milk, sushi, etc.) the diet is primarily vegan/vegetarian. And as was described above, a vegetarian style diet with a focus on fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains serves as a great foundation for losing weight. The downfall is that this diet is tough to fully commit to in all circumstances – but even a partially raw diet can have profound health benefits.



The premise behind Volumetrics is simple – the creator surmised that most people consume the same quantity of food every day (regardless of type). If you replace high calorie, fat laden foods with high fiber, nutrient dense foods you will lose weight – and that premise is spot on.

Make smart choices like loading up on broccoli, kale, cauliflower, lean proteins, nuts and seeds and you will fell full and lose weight. Adhering to this seemingly simple plan is also an outstanding way to keep the pounds off.

Dieting doesn’t have to be as complicated or misery inducing as most tend to believe. Try out any of these best diets for women and you will begin to see results in terms of weight loss and improvements in overall health.