The Ultimate Flat Tummy Diet

Diet & Slimming    May 8, 2015    0

There are plenty of expensive diets and workout plans on the market that promise to help you sculpt your mid-section or to reveal your sick pack abs. You don’t need to spend big in order to have a flat stomach though – if you follow the few simple rules of this flat tummy diet and make an effort to increase your daily activity level you can carve out that six pack without a kit or program.

Set Yourself Up for Success


Some foods just work far better than others as part of a flat belly diet. Start by cleaning out your cupboards and fridge of empty calorie foods and drinks, sweets, fried foods and high fat condiments and dressings. Stock up on foods that will help you achieve your weight loss goals without feeling like you are starving yourself – solid options to always have around are almonds, apples, mixed berries, dark leafy greens, eggs and soybeans. These foods are high in fiber (which will help you feel full for longer) and nutrient dense – no empty or wasted calories here at all.

Eat Throughout the Day

Skipping meals and depriving yourself is like getting on the fast track to an unhealthy binge. Instead eat throughout the day with 5-6 small meals that feature fresh fruits and vegetables, lean and complete proteins.

This practice will eliminate mid-day or late night cravings by keeping you feeling satisfied all day long. And even though you are eating more in terms of quantity, the foods are lower calorie so you’ll still see big results around the waistline.

Chew Every Bite Thoroughly


Chewing your food well has a few benefits. Proper chewing gets the digestive process off on the right foot, making it easier to properly process your food and minimize gas, bloating and discomfort.

Thoroughly chewing each bit also extends the time from one bit to the next. This allows your food to reach your stomach and can signal your brain that you are beginning to fill up before you get to the uncomfortable point of over consumption – which can help reduce your total calorie intake.

Exercise Portion Control

You don’t necessarily have to count every single calorie in order to get results from your diet, but being conscious of what you put into your body certainly helps. Don’t “graze” from large serving bowls, dishes or pots – serve yourself a controlled portion onto an individual plate and stop when you are done. Mindless spooning or scooping form a large container is an easy way to lose track of what is going in and can easily lead to eating more than you should.

Zero Out your Sugar Intake


Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of the flat belly – and it just so happens to be everywhere. Many of your favorite drinks, desserts, breakfasts and snacks are loaded with sugar that is preventing you from hitting your goal of a slimmer waistline.

The lower your daily intake of sugar, the easier it will be for you to reach your weight loss goals. Forget about sodas, sweet coffee drinks, milkshakes and candies and stick with ice water and smart snacks to see those abs.

Watch your Salt Intake

You don’t necessarily have to avoid salt the same way you should sugar, but opting for lower sodium alternatives does have benefits. Traditional table salt and high sodium snacks, sauces and dressings lead to bloating which is uncomfortable, can make your clothes feel ill fitting and can make you feel like you are getting results despite your best efforts in other areas.

If you put all of the habits and tips in the flat tummy diet above into your routine you will have a great head start toward achieving the lean stomach of your dreams. While you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym everyday in order to lose weight around the middle, regular exercise will help you hit your goals faster. Use this flat tummy diet plan along with three non-consecutive days per week in the gym featuring circuit style full body strength training and high intensity interval training for cardio and you will have a lean, tight midsection in time for that summer beach vacation.