The Best Exercises for Abs of Steel

Fitness & Exercise    March 25, 2015    0

A six pack is one of the biggest goals out there for men and women of every level who are trying to build a better body. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most difficult body goals to achieve. Building six pack abs requires dedication in the gym and in the kitchen (even the best abs can’t be seen beneath a layer of fat).

If you feel like you’ve got your diet in check and you are performing regular cardio to burn excess fat, here are some of the best exercises for abs out there to make that six pack stand out:

Plank Variations

Most new trainees think the secret to incredible abs lies in sit up after sit up, but this isn’t the case. In fact, there are far more taxing ab exercises out there that hit all of the muscles of the core without the negative associated with sit ups (neck pain and back pain).

Traditional planks (holding the upright pushup position) and planks performed on the elbows/forearms performed until failure are an excellent workout that taxes both the upper and lower abs and the obliques. An intense plank workout can be performed in just a few minutes with far greater benefit than cranking out endless sets of sit ups.

As you progress you can add side planks (performed on one hand or one elbow/forearm) to hit the oblique muscles even more. Even at advanced levels a full core workout consisting of plank variations is short and sweet.


Ab Wheel/Rollouts

Another fast and super intense ab exercise is the rollout (commonly performed with an ab wheel). These can be performed standing or from the knees (though the version on the knees is often more than intense enough for most trainees). Roll out to full extension and roll back to the starting position – sounds simple, but it isn’t. This ab movement taxes upper and lower abs and obliques and you’ll likely begin to feel the burn after just the first few reps.



Bicycle Crunches

If you feel the need to get down on your back as part of your ab workout, opt for the bicycle crunch instead of sit-ups or traditional crunches. Bringing the elbow up to meet the opposite knee and alternating with each rep hits upper and lower abs and the obliques for a complete ab workout.

These three exercise are more than enough to give your abs a killer workout. When combined with a sensible diet plan and regular cardio (and some lower back work), these exercises will definitely help that six pack pop.