Ultimate 20 Minute Cross Trainer Workout

Fitness & Exercise    March 10, 2015    0

There are plenty of people out there that don’t think that they have enough time in their day to get a good workout. In reality though, you don’t need to spend hour after hour each week in the gym in order to build a more impressive physique – you just need to make every minute of your time in the gym count with a properly structured cross trainer workout.

With a cross trainer workout you can attack all major muscle groups and work the cardiovascular system for the most effective all around workout in minimum time. This means that you can burn fat and build lean muscle during the same workout period, without adding too much to your already busy schedule.

Full Body Exercise

Full body training is an essential part of building a healthier body in the shortest possible time. If you utilize a single piece of equipment that features a compound, full body movement (like the cross trainer) to attack the major muscle groups you can actually complete a full body training session in a very short period of time.


Unlike single plane of motion tools or machines like the treadmill, a cross trainer calls both your upper and lower body into play. This approach maximizes the total calories burned and works to tone and build muscles in the arms, chest, legs and back without having to switch machines.

Most quality cross trainers also have a multitude of resistance levels so you can customize your workout to your current fitness level and make adjustments as you become more fit.

This versatile machine will grow with you as you become stronger and as cardiovascular fitness improves so you can continue to see powerful results from the time you spend working out.

Intense Exercise for Fat Loss

When most people hear the word “cardio” they imagine 45 boring minutes on the treadmill or stair climber – while this approach will burn calories it isn’t the best use of your limited time. In order to maximize results in minimal time you want to perform your cardio work as high intensity intervals so you can be in and out of the gym in twenty minutes without sacrificing results.

High intensity interval training (or HIIT) is alternating periods of all out (close to 100%) activity followed by a period of active recovery (usually in a 2:1 ratio). For example, you complete 60 seconds of sprinting on the indoor cycle trainer followed by thirty seconds performed at medium intensity.



The ultimate 20 minute cross trainer workout should look like this

A five minute warm up performed at approximately 50% of maximum effort, immediately followed by your first near maximum effort sprint.

Following the sixty second sprint, perform the active recovery at medium intensity. Continue on in this pattern of work on the cross trainer for 10 minutes and close out your session with a five minute cool down period at the same pace as your warm up.

As your fitness improves you can adjust the resistance on the cross trainer and adjust the max effort and recovery times to continue to produce results (for example extend max effort sprints to 90 seconds and active recovery periods to 45 seconds) and perform HIIT for a longer portion of the session (trim warm up and cool down to 4 minutes each to extend the time of high intensity work).

Twenty minutes might not sound like much time, but if you structure your workout properly and perform it with intensity it can yield powerful results. Performing the above workout on three non-consecutive days per week will put you on the fast track to a better body without having to invest a whole lot of time in the gym.